Custom Lake Art

Regular price $150.00

Custom Lakes

These gorgeous lakes are a fantastic way to show your home or cabin pride. We have two standard sizes and can create any custom size needed. ( Up to 8 Feet )

Each lake comes with a branded compass, lake name, and an optional star indicator of your choosing. Standard orders come with a brown tone front. You pick the frame and water (back) color options.

The Gull Lake Chain piece is 8 feet tall and the detailed branding on that piece is due to its size. Branding beyond the lake name is optional and cost is $1 per letter. If you want to add in a boat, state shape, family name, etc. just let us know! We can do that.

Size(s): approximately 16" x 21" (medium) and 24" x 34" (large) We can do any size lake you want up to 8 feet long! 

Want it bigger? Want it more detailed? Submit a Custom Orderrequest!