Custom Animal Portrait

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Love your furry little pet? We do too!

We can take your pet photos and make a long-lasting classic piece of art to showcase from years to come. 

We love to work with your photos to transform your picture into one of a kind piece of art. Once you send over your photo(s) we will design a mockup of your pet from one photo. If you want to attached a few photos so we can gauge coloring, size, etc. that is always helpful! You will receive an email from us with your mock up and you can make any changes you see fit! We are here to accommodate. 

Please keep in mind these pieces are hand-cut and colored with wood stain. We will do our best to match your pet's coloring! 

Need a custom size?

We can help.  Email us with your pet name, custom size dimensions, and background color preference.  We'll follow up with an estimate for your custom-sized artwork.  

How It Works

After submitting the form our team will personally work with you from the beginning to the end of the process.  Some things to keep in mind:

  • After submitting a request, a team member will reach out via email within 48 business hours.
  • We will walk you through options and prepare a mock-up of your desired design.
  • Upon accepting the mock-up via email, we will start your custom order.
  • Next, your custom order will enter production.
  • At the end of the four week processing time, you will receive your product.

Tips On Your Pet Photos

    • Light is key to taking a good photo and outdoor daylight is typically the best option.
    • Crouch down when taking the photo and try to get eye level with your furry friend.
    • The best poses are when your pet is either sitting or standing but not laying down.
    • For two pets, having them at the same angle is helpful ( one from the front and one from the side makes it hard) wooden pet portrait


Do my pets need to be together in one photo? 
Nope! We can take them and merge them into one for you! 

Do my pets need to be together in one photo? 
Nope! We can take them and merge them into one for you! 
​A good photo is one where the photo is clear. The pet is clearly visible and not covered by human love, trees, bushes, etc.

Do you do cats, horses, birds, sloths? 
Yep, any animal! We just did an awesome Turtle named Toby. We have done snakes, birds, rabbits, etc.